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Extraordinary, Inclusive, Diverse, Multi-Sensory, Accessible Family Circus Experience

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Omnium Educates!

 If you are interested in bringing Omnium to your school or group, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

  •  Omnium is available now and throughout the 21/22 academic year
  • All performances include a complete STEAM study guide.
  • Diverse and multi-talented teaching artists available for zoom classrooms.
  • Group size 10 or more.
  • Suggested donation $10 per person.
  • All access is provided to bring you the best “virtual”  field trip you will have all year!

About the Show

Omnium: In one short pandemic year we have formed a nonprofit and created a groundbreaking virtual performance leading a global movement for systemic change in family entertainment. Welcome to a diversity of international circus stars featuring uniquely unified, multi-talented, multi-racial, and multi-abled performers from multiple traditions; established circus families and newbies enthralling all ages in different ways at the same time. Enjoy the show as you share our art and our stories!

Our Virtual production features four unique access channels American Sign Language /CC, Audio Description/CC, Plain Language/CC and Spanish/CC making us accessible across the nation and the world.

THE Performers

Omnium Performer - Aerialist Jen Bricker Bauer
Omnium Performer - Clown - Maxim Fomitchev
Omnium Performer - The Poet. Brandon Kazen Maddox
Omnium Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson
Omnium Performer - Hula Hoops Noemi Espana
Elan Espana Cyr Wheel
Omnium Performer - Horse Ballet Jenny Vidbel
Omnium Performer - Pole Artist Jason Span
King Charles Troupe - Basketball on Unicycles
Omnium Performer - Hand Balancing Dupla Mao Na Roda - Alan Pagnota and Rafael Feirrera
Omnium Performer - Umbrella Juggling - Lina Liu
Shenea Stiletto - Handbalancing
an audience of kids and families smiling

Connecting Neighbors: Circus Reimagined

Circus Reimagined…. Omnium, A Bold New Circus is a partnership between performers and audience. At Omnium our performers and audiences see each other reflected in one another. The inspiration goes both ways! A child can look and say “wow s/he looks like me” they look to the person sitting next to them and say- wow, they look like you– We are both fabulous! Circus is both a universal art form and a cultural icon that highlights the vital core of our human hearts Circus unites our hearts and neutralizes the external elements that divide us. JOIN US IN JOY!

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We ARE an authorized NYC DOE vendor. Unfortunately, due to covid we are unable to accept purchase orders at this time. We are a 501c3 organization and able to accept checks, credit cards,  paypal, bank transfers and are happy to work out payment arrangements. Contact for details. Or call Lisa B. Lewis 973 930 0802

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