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Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is a professional gymnast who learned acrobatics as a four-year-old in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. He spent five years as a professional acrobat for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus before deciding to return home to attend college.

While in Chicago working with the Jesse White Tumbling Team, Tim decided to devote his time to teaching what he learned in his career to inner-city youth. For Tim, this is the perfect way to give back. Since being a circus performer was such a great experience, he created the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team in 1999.

Tim believes if being a circus performer could change his life, then it can change other lives. He knows what it’s like to be surrounded by gangs and peer pressure, and with his team, he is changing lives in major ways.

Chicago Boyz appeared on the NBC hit reality competition series, “America’s Got Talent,” and they are the highlight of special events nationwide. They have performed at NBA and college half-time shows, professional circuses, festivals, theme parks. and schools throughout the country.

Their performances include amazing acrobatic stunts and tricks inside twirling jump ropes, catapulting off mini trampolines, and thundering tumbling routines with impeccable timing.

Through Tim’s positive impact, many kids have not only become professional, polished performers, but they have turned their lives around in the process. Some of the Chicago Boyz performed in Ringling Bros. Circus and other well-known traveling shows. Deeply rooted in the Chicago performance community, Tim gets involved in many events in the city and around the country. He also takes part in seminars, symposiums, and youth conferences around the country.