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Shenea Stiletto, Hand Balancing

Shenea Stiletto (Shenea Booth) is an acrobatic gymnast, podcaster, circus artist and handstand instructor. Shenea is a two-time World Champion Gold Medalist in Acrobatic gymnastics, a USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Member, and a World Class Circus Hand Balancer. For nearly two decades she has performed with elite entertainment companies worldwide. Shenea became the first-ever African American to perform a lead character and acrobatic role in a Cirque Du Soleil production by appearing in Varekai, performing the coveted hand balancing role as “The Promise.” In fact, her career features an impressive number of “Firsts.” Shenea was the first ever: American World Champion Acrobatic gymnast in the history of the sport, two-time American World Champion in the history of Acrobatic gymnastics, Acrobatic gymnast to be inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame, and Acrobatic gymnast to be included in a USA Gymnastics Olympic Tour where she received honorary status. Shenea has been inducted into the World Acrobatic Society, making history again by being the first within her category of Circus Artist/Genre.

Shenea has made appearances on popular TV shows such as America’s Got Talent in which she was a finalist and Dancing with the Stars. She has appeared on multiple news outlets all over the world, and has performed as a featured artist for famed circus entertainment companies worldwide, including Circus Knie in Switzerland and Circus Flic Flac in Germany. Shenea has made commercial appearances spanning more than a decade as a stunt and speciality principal actor as a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She is also a circus trainer, educator, and dual circus podcast host for the Pro Series “Think Like An Acrobat” produced by and her own podcast “Live Like An Acrobat.”