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Jason Span, Aerial Pole

Jason Span is a U.S. Navy veteran and gymnast turned high-flying circus star. He was honorably discharged from active duty in the Navy after serving 10 years and completing three overseas deployments to Southeast Asia and the Middle East to conduct combat-related medical care for coalition forces as well as humanitarian health care in support of relief operations.

He then pursued his dream of becoming an aerial artist. He developed his artistry inĀ  Honolulu, Hawaii, relocating back to his hometown, Jacksonville, Florida when he joined Bittersweet Studios.

Jason began to cross train on multiple apparatuses such as aerial hoop, aerial straps and pole (dance). He began teaching and performing aerial arts at Bittersweet Studios and is currently touring with AIDA Cruises out of Germany. He has earned many accolades and almost made the U.S. Olympic Team.

There is nothing Jason loves more than the excitement of taking flight as a circus aerialist and the welcoming community that is the circus and the world of aerial arts.