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Omnium Circus Live Presents:

Omnium Circus: I'M Possible Logo

About the Show

“Striking the first two letters of the word “impossible” is the first step into a world of all things “possible” — a world that is not a million miles away, rather within us. Embracing ourselves to believe we’re capable of anything – will lead us there. We’ll discover that the power, the passion and the perseverance to impel our journey to achieve our goals in life, dwells within our own spirit.”

Noe Espana, Artistic Director, Circus Omnium

Omnium means of all and belonging to all- presenting the best in family circus entertainment—inclusive of all and accessible to all at every performance.


The thrill of inclusion — we provide everything an audience member needs to enjoy The Bold New Circus as fully as possible!

Live show accomodations:

  • Fully compliant with all CDC guidelines
  • 1,645 seat capacity in a climate controlled tent
  • VIP Seating
  • ADA seating for service Animals
  • ADA seating for mobility challenges
  • Audio Description
  • Braille and large print descriptive programs
  • Integrated ASL Interpreters
  • Assisted Listening devices
  • Social Story
  • Relaxed seating area for every performance
  • Calming area in lobby
  • Customized medical accommodations
  • STEAM based Study guide
  • Tactile experiences
  • No seat further than 50 feet from the ring
  • Group rates available
Live Audio Describer during performance.
Live Audio Describer during performance.

Allergy Statement:

Omnium Circus is -of all and belonging to all -including the millions of us with food allergies and intolerances. We have deliberately chosen simple foods with clear fresh ingredients for all of our guests. Please ask to see our ingredients list to make the choice best for you! Stay tuned for a complete list of our menu items and their ingredients.
Circus Omnium is a peanut free environment.

Please feel free to reach out to us at for more information. We are here to help.

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